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Tape extensions in fleet

Tape Extensions

Get The hair you really want!

Dreaming of cascading beach waves and luscious volume? Well, get ready because Australia’s leading hair extension brand is touching down in the UK this summer.

Showpony Professional is Australia’s premier hair extensions brand, built on an extensive family history of 35 years combined experience in premium hair extensions and wig manufacturing.

At the forefront of hair trends and fashion, Showpony is recognised for outstanding quality and an innovative range of products.


We’re beyond excited to be bringing Showpony to Bluebells. This is a brand that exudes luxury in every way. We’re so looking forward to helping our clients have fuller, voluminous and longer hair by offering the elite Showpony experience.


Showpony is the number one trusted hair extensions brand in Australia, and the most environmentally friendly too, thanks to a brand and packaging relaunch in 2019.


With a premium range of products to suit a variety of hair types, Showpony offers beyond just adding length, but to use extensions to add volume, fill in gaps and to add noncommittal colour in as little as 15 minutes.




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